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We listen to our customers trying to cover any area we can and providing them with their needs.

Better Coverage
1 Gbps Data Rate
Energy Efficient
More Data Rate

Our Fibre Packages

Check out our different fibre packages for any type of customer

FibreLite Range

Starts fromR399



Social Media

Basic Streaming

FibreHome Range

Starts fromR649


24/7 Streaming



FibreHoliday Range

Starts fromR1949


Work from your holiday home

Uploading Vacation Media

Basic Streaming

Private. Secure. Super Fast

The Internet you Deserve

Connection just for you

Steady Network

Our Backbone network has multiple, diverse cable routes to provide services to our clients.

No Data Limit

We provide Internet packages with no data limits, no worries about reaching your data limit.

Simple Pricing

We have an wide selection of internet packages and products designed to cater for all your needs

From High Speed Internet to Complete Freedom

Make the World Yours With Just A Few Clicks

Get Blazing Fast Internet from only R399/pm

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A 100% fiber-optic network backed by real-time fiber monitoring.