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General  FAQ's

In most cases it is due to background data being used by a device in your home. Try switching off all devices (phones, pc’s and tablets) and only use 1 connected device to do a speed test. Ensure the device you are testing from is not downloading software updates.


Yes! We can install a smart management router (MikroTik) hap in your network which is affordable and quick to install. This will enable us to setup bandwidth restrictions as well as limit access to inappropriate content.
Total and complete restriction to adult or other category online content can never be 100% guaranteed. Apart from website pages which can display unwanted content there are numerous other methods to distribute and obtain content by savvy internet users. The responsibility to ensure minors or other end users cannot access inappropriate content/media/videos/images remains that of the legal guardian or supervisor.
Our network is classified as a TIER 1 infrastructure, meaning that we use our own system to take network traffic all the way to the closest peering center in Cape Town (Teraco Rondebosch). This means that low pings in the 20ms range to game servers will be enjoyed to servers which are locally hosted. For servers which are hosted abroad you should expect an ping of >150ms due to the inherent nature of fibre communicating with far away servers, for every 100km you will have +-1ms ping delay.
Yes you can. In most cases the DVR’s will have an cloud feature which you can access remotely. Should the need arises and above method is not a solution to your requirements it will be possible for us to add firewall rules to your main router.
Yes, if you have access to DSTV now account from an friend of family member
No if you are an avid sports enthusiast, the DSTV Now app that is hosted on the DSTV server platforms is not as reliable as an fixed satellite dish connection.
YouTube and Netflix servers that is located in South Africa will not buffer if you are watching your content at a resolution suitable to your package speed.
Free to stream sites will buffer randomly and quality of video will be intermittent pending on the remote server load.


ClientZone  FAQ's

You can access the Computer Hut ClientZone from anywhere and from any device.
Log into your ClientZone profile or send email to [email protected] to create an automated ticket.


Should you not be able to sign in with the account details supplied at signup (automated email). Please phone our support 0283841443 or email [email protected] to reset your ClientZone account credentials.
To check the available data balance on your account you can log into the ClientZone.
Most devices such as mobiles, tablets, PC’s and even smart TV’s have operating systems which requires frequent software updates. The various applications installed on such devices also download updates as released by their respective developers. These updates use data which is classified as “background data”; meaning that you are unaware that they are actively consuming bandwidth. Background data and updates can be disabled or restricted, however this is not recommended as it will render the device prone to viruses, malware and hacking.

Yes, we do not offer long term contracts . Should you decide to cancel our services you can do so on the ClientZone portal.



Fibre, Wireless & Wi-Fi FAQ's

It could indicate that the main router to us is either switched off or problematic. Ensure that all the power plugs are connected and switched on.

You can power cycle the multiplug at wall socket before you call or log an support ticket.



Although it is completely possible for you to update/change the password to connect to your Wi-Fi it may prove to be a bit of a challenge in a technical sense. Phone our support number to assist you in updating the password.


Although some of the routers we supply upon the initial wireless installation (depending on chosen hardware package) supports the WPS security function on the button found at the back of those routers, it also serves a second function which is to reset the device to factory settings. A frequent problem experienced by owners of these devices is that “reset” is mistaken for “reboot”. Please do not press these buttons.


Firstly, ensure to never use or try to use WPS (The button at the back of some routers which is used to connect wireless devices without an password). WPS authentication can be bypassed by experienced users/hackers.

The Computer Hut setup your Wi-Fi so that you have to type in a password to allow a connection to your home network.

Never give your password out – rather type it in for guests or visitors. Install a Wi-Fi or network scanner on your mobile device to scan for devices in your network (Such a FING) which you can find on both the Google Play store as well as the Apple store.


Wi-Fi signal strength reduces the farther the distance is from the router. It is also reduced by obstacles such as walls and cement slabs. It is therefore always recommended to have your access point (router) located central to the structure or if not practical as close to the area where you expect to use it most. Although it is possible to “boost” the signal strength of your router it is best practice to link additional Wi-Fi access points to your current network by running a cable between access points.


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